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Eurovision ticket booking details revealed

Tickets for this year’s Eurovision are set to go on sale today.

There will be the opportunity to apply for tickets for nine different events at Liverpool’s arena over the course of Eurovision week – from rehearsals to the two semi-finals and the main Eurovision competition night itself.

But you’ll have to have deeper pockets if you want to secure a spot in the waterfront venue for the live shows, with tickets for May 13 costing from £160 to £380 for the grand final.

Seats at the two semi-finals, on May 9 and May 11, will set you back between £90 and £290.

Dress rehearsals/preview shows are £30-£280 and while they are predominately a technical run through, they will be very similar to the main live shows.

All tickets go on sale at noon via Ticketmaster and will only be able to book one show at a time. Anyone wanting to book must set up a Ticketmaster account.

The available show dates are:

Monday, May 8 – evening ‘preview’ show/semi-final 1 dress rehearsal

Tuesday, May 9 – afternoon ‘preview’ show; evening live semi-final 1

Wednesday, May 10 – evening ‘preview’ show/semi-final 2 dress rehearsal

Thursday, May 11 - afternoon ‘preview’ show; evening live semi-final 2

Friday, May 12 – evening grand final ‘preview’ show/dress rehearsal

Saturday, May 13 – afternoon grand final ‘preview’ show; evening grand final

Meanwhile tickets across the nine available shows will also be allocated by ballot to 3,000 Ukrainians currently living in the UK through part of three visa programmes. The tickets will be a nominal £20 each with the rest of the cost being subsidised by the government.

The UK offered to stage the annual song contest on behalf of war-torn Ukraine after Sam Ryder was voted runner-up to the winning Kalush Orchestra in Turin last May.

Liverpool subsequently won the bid to host the event, and the main competition - which attracts TV viewing figures of 160 million - will be at the centre of a wider city celebration of music and UK/Ukrainian culture.

Eurovision tickets go on sale at noon on March 7 via


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