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Liverpool Irish Festival puts women centre stage in St Brigid's Day gig

Liverpool Irish Festival presents an evening of live music at the Philharmonic Hall Music Room next week which is being described as ‘beguiling, witty and tender’.

Composer, musician and singer Sue Rynhart will perform her You, Me or the Wallpaper on February 1, St Brigid's Day which celebrates Ireland's only female patron saint.

The musical 'melodrama' marks 130 years since the publication of feminist writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story The Yellow Wallpaper.

Written in early 1890s America, The Yellow Wallpaper features a convalescing woman taking readers on a journey to insanity. The insanity is caused in-part by society's need for her to rest rather than 'do' to treat her malaise (most likely undiagnosed post-natal depression).

Rynhart, who will be joined by Mike Nielsen on guitar and Lina Andonovska on flute, responds to this chilling psychological horror in an evening of song, music and hope.

In it she explores the meanings and atmospheres of the original story, while reflecting on her personal experiences of motherhood and creativity.

A Q&A with the award-winning Rynhart follows the interval, along with what is being described as some informal, creative voice play for those who want to take part.

Sue Rynhart: You, Me or the Wallpaper is at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall’s Music Room on February 1. Tickets HERE

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