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Brindley welcomes poignant First World War play

A play set in the First World War visits The Brindley at Runcorn next month.

The Last Post, based on a book by author Keith Campion and produced by Hobgoblin Theatre Company, will be at the High Street venue just ahead of Remembrance Day on November 8 and 9 as part of a national tour.

The story is based on a series of letters between William Downing - a boy in Folkestone - and his father Joseph who is fighting on the Western Front in Belgium in 1914, with the story spanning a total of 70 years.

It is brought to life by a three-strong cast and by using a split stage and multimedia projections.

Director Dan Foley said: “When Keith approached us to adapt his book we leapt at the chance. The book has been a fantastic resource for teaching World War One in the classroom and we felt a stage version could reach even more people.

Above and top: The Last Post.

“After the reaction from schools last year, we knew this was a special piece and deserved to be in theatres. Keith’s story offers an insight into the reality of life at home and on the war front ahead of Armistice Day, 105 years on from the end of the war.

“The danger when teaching events from over 100 years ago is that they can end up becoming a dry list of battles and political changes that lose children. By putting them through the eyes of a person their own age, then children become engaged.

“We feel strongly that the story of the Great War is just as powerful now. We hope the people of Runcorn will agree.”

The Last Post is at The Brindley in Runcorn on November 8-9. Tickets HERE


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