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PurpleDoor reveals new Liverpool theatre space plan

Liverpool’s The PurpleDoor theatre company is planning to open a new one-of-a-kind performance space in the city centre next spring.

The new venue will fuse performance and bar areas in one integrated immersive space which the company claims will be ‘the UK’s first truly free theatre’.

The PurpleDoor, which is working in conjunction with Constructive Thinking Studio and is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, hopes the Bold Street-based theatre will act as a platform to champion the next generation of talented writers, directors and actors from a diverse spectrum of working-class backgrounds.

PurpleDoor’s Karl Falconer said: “We’re thrilled to be announcing the planned opening of the new performance space in Liverpool.

The flexible venue will work as a theatre space and bar

“This will not only provide the UK with an opportunity to recognise and realise the untapped creative potential outside of London, but it will also provide crucial opportunities for people from all backgrounds to achieve beyond antiquated and outdated social constraints.”

The PurpleDoor started life as PurpleCoat theatre company in 2008 to create work which was “engaging, relevant and rooted in Scouse identity” and over the course of a decade has produced more than 30 productions, from Shakespeare to Willy Russell, bringing its own stamp to them.

For more information about the new theatre space and The PurpleDoor's work, visit the website HERE

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