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Covid-19 causes Storyhouse to postpone its homegrown May shows

Chester Storyhouse has revealed it is postponing its next two homegrown productions because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

A statement by the Hunter Street venue says it has taken the decision to delay the staging of Antigone and Brewster’s Millions - both due to open in May - “due to economic uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus development.”

No other shows set to be staged at Storyhouse are affected by the decision which has been made on financial grounds.

Chief executive Andrew Bentley said today: “Like all young producers we are susceptible to this situation. This is a big investment for us: we need to protect our position and plan carefully for every eventuality.

“These shows will absolutely go ahead but can wait until the autumn. Thankfully we are a very nimble company and well placed to respond to these kinds of developments.

“Nothing else is affected and Storyhouse enjoys tremendous support from our customers who are showing no signs of letting this current worry get in the way of a good night out, which means a lot to us.”

Poet Hollie McNish has written the new adaptation of Antigone which will feature members of Storyhouse Young Company as the Greek chorus, while Brewster’s Millions, made famous by the 1980s film, is based on the book by George Barr McCutcheon and is being billed as a ‘new disco musical’.

Storyhouse's current spring season of shows - The Suicide, Miss Julie and Blue Stockings - is running as normal.

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