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Step into BoJo's World at Hope Street Theatre

Wondering where Boris has got to?

The answer could be found on the stage in Liverpool next month with the arrival of BoJo's World at the Hope Street Theatre.

Succour Punch Theatre presents the new political satire created in the style of a children’s television show.

Drawing on well-known political scandals of the last 20 years as selected by focus groups, this production surrounds the adventures of loveable clown Bojo and his friends. The high-energy, verbatim-scripted show uses mask work and clowning to deliver its message.

The company's co-creative director Faye Draper said: “The show is an anarchic, chaotic, satirical production showing that the real farce is the people running our government. Red or blue, we’re not an English theatre company, we're a Scouse theatre company.”

Liverpool-based Succour Punch Theatre uses a metaphorical and surreal style of working to create “theatre that focuses on social, sexual and gender injustice”.

BoJo's World is at the Hope Street Theatre on March 4-5. Tickets HERE

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