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Liverpool's Royal Court stages new rags to riches comedy

Liverpool playwright Barbara Phillips is making her main stage debut at Liverpool’s Royal Court this week with a new lottery-inspired comedy which promises rich pickings.

The Netherley Hillbillies, opening on Friday, looks at what happens when life-changing money lands in your lap.

Jed, Lisa, Elly May and mother-in-law Renie aren’t used to being rich. They were always rich in spirit and all that but now they’re proper rich. Like big house in Formby rich. 

Jed has got the rags to riches gang together and loaded up the van, it’s time to get out of Netherley and into something more befitting of a family with serious wedge.

It’s goodbye to a brick outhouse and hello to a beautifully appointed gatehouse. The only problem is that the riches to rags neighbours aren’t so keen.

The show, directed by Deborah Yhip, stars Reiss Barber, Paul Duckworth, Charlie De’Ath, Vicky Entwistle, Lynn Francis, Jasmine Herrington and Sarah White.

Phillips is a professional singer who was a member of Liverpool band Distinction, and later spent two years as a Brookside scriptwriter.

Her 2005 musical play Misunderstood? was performed at the Liverpool Everyman and Contact Theatre in Manchester, and five years ago it was brought to the Royal Court Studio stage by Boisterous Theatre Company.

She has also written a second musical, Brand New World, which was staged at the Edinburgh Festival.

She is also artist manager at Positive Impact and a member of the Liverpool City Region Music Board.

The Netherley Hillbillies is at Liverpool’s Royal Court from May 24 to June 22. Tickets HERE


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