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Open Eye considers modern relationships in Kinship

The dynamics of modern relationships will be explored in a new exhibition being launched at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery this week.

Kinship presents projects from seven photographers, all women, addressing traditional ideas of how people might relate to others based on their gender, age, or position within a family.

They include Jenny Lewis whose work One Day Young, pictured above, captures intimate portraits of women with their new-born children on the very first day of their lives together at home near her flat in Hackney. The portraits share a powerful range of emotions women experience at the start of their motherhood.

Lydia Goldblatt photographed her father, following him through his experience of living with dementia during the last years of his life. Her work, Still Here, also involves images of her mother going through the experience of losing someone, alongside close-up images of moments and objects that act as visual poetry.

Joanna Heldebro - Night Watch I

The other work on show comes from Johanna Heldebro, Pixy Liao, Momo Okabe and Margaret Mitchell.

Meanwhil for the past three years, Open Eye Gallery has collaborated with residents from the Northwood Golden Years group in Kirkby, alongside filmmaker Jemma O’Brien and photographer Tony Mallon.

For Kinship, Jemma O’Brien presents a new collaborative video work that reflects on the close ties, trust and friendships formed between the group over the 50 years they have spent together and witnessed their hometown change. The exhibition is part of RISE, Liverpool’s year-long programme of events to champion the achievements of women.

Kinship is at the Open Eye Gallery on Mann Island from May 10 to July 7.

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