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LIPA presents A Matter of Life and Death on stage

Powell and Pressburger’s powerful wartime classic A Matter of Life and Death is being brought to the stage by LIPA students next week.

The 1946 romantic fantasy film starred David Niven and Kim Hunter as bomber pilot Peter who cheats death over the Channel and June, the radio operator who falls in love with him over the airwaves.

By rights Peter should be dead, but when he decides to fight to live – and to be with the woman he loves – he has to argue his case in front of a celestial court.

Third year LIPA acting students are staging the theatre version which was adapted from the film by Tom Morris and Emma Rice for Kneehigh Theatre Company and first produced at the National Theatre in 2007.

A Matter of Life and Death is at the Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA from March 21-23. Tickets HERE

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