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See LIMF Academy Live at Liverpool Music Room

Rising city-based music stars will play at the Philharmonic Hall this week in a special free night from the LIMF Academy.

LUNA, Raheem Alameen and Kyami are set to appear alongside the Ignition Orchestra and LIMF Academy alumnus Sub Blue in the event at the Music Room on January 31.

LIMF Academy is an award-winning programme that nurtures emerging talent and provides artists, bands and producer-DJs aged 16 to 25 with opportunities and help to launch their careers, all with the support of top industry experts.

Katie Chatburn, musical director and arranger for The Ignition Orchestra, said: “The tracks from the LIMF artists are brilliant - I can’t wait to pull it all together. For me, a big part of the experience is getting young people working together and bringing together different kinds of musicians into one space.

“It’s always a very creative and exciting process working with LIMF Academy, there’s always a real buzz.”

Kate Gilston, LIMF Academy project manager added: “Following the success of our first collaboration with Katie and the orchestra at LIMF 2016 we knew from then this has to be one of the key showcase performances as part of the Academy programme.

“It gives both the Academy artists and the artists in the orchestra the chance to play alongside talented musicians they would never normally in an every-day gig.”

Singer, songwriter and producer LUNA is one of the rising stars of the electro-pop scene and was one of LIMF Academy’s top 20 stars for 2016/17.

Meanwhile 22-year-old soul singer-songwriter Raheem Alameen is a soul singer/songwriter, and Kyami is a New York native whose quirky and unique take on contemporary R&B has helped her launch her career in the UK.

LIMF Academy Live is at the Music Room on Thursday, January 31. Tickets are free HERE

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