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World Cup banners take to Liverpool streets

Liverpool’s The Art of Football festival kicks off on Thursday with a parade of World Cup-inspired banners which will wind its way through the city centre.

Around 150 people will carry banners representing all 32 nations taking part in the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Terrace Tapestries is part of the Art of Football, a month-long cultural celebration of the ‘beautiful game’ with events, exhibitions and activities at various venues in the city.

Each banner has the flag of the country they are representing on one side, on the other is the artistic response to that country. And many of them also feature the faces of football legends including Liverpool’s Mo Salah (Egypt), Socrates (Brazil), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Jurgen Klopp (Germany).

The tapestries have been created in special workshops at The Florrie in Dingle, with communities from across Liverpool getting involved. After the parade they will go on display at the Martin Luther King building for the duration of the World Cup.

The parade on June 14 starts at Williamson Square at 6.30pm, and the route takes in Clayton Square, Church Street, Paradise Street, The Strand, and the newly-monikered Royal Albert Dock.

Everyone is invited to take part.

Jah Jussa, co-director of Foto Octo which has organised Terraced Tapestries, said: “Banners have a knack of bringing people together, highlighting the strength of the collective effort and the way in which people can unite - regardless of their background or footballing loyalties.

“The workshops brought together many diverse groups from experienced artists to people who just wanted to give the sessions a try - it really was a level playing field for all.”

The Art of Football runs from June 14 to July 15.

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