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Liverpool Independent Film Festival at FACT

The inaugural Liverpool Independent Film Festival (LIVIFF) takes place at Picturehouse at FACT this weekend.

The festival will open with a screening of the new documentary You’ll Never Walk Alone, which traces the history of the famous song – originally from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel but in the last 50 years closely associated with Liverpool FC.

Manager Jurgen Klopp and others discuss the power and meaning behind what has become the most potent of terrace anthems.

The three-day festival also promises world, European and UK premieres of films, short films and documentaries.

Featured films include Rusty Boys, a story about a group of retirees causing havoc for their families and nursing home, black comedy The Very Private Work of Sister K - telling the story of a young nun battling old beliefs about sexuality, and a collection of more than 20 shorts, experimental, animation and music videos.

LIVIFF operations director Neil Jeram-Croft says: “We’re excited to bring a great mix of independent film to Liverpool in 2017 and look forward to building an established film festival with our partners Picturehouse at FACT.”

Liverpool Independent Film Festival is at Picturehouse at FACT from November 10-12. More from the website HERE.

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