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Gypsy Queen packs a punch at the Unity Theatre

Liverpool Pride takes over the Unity Theatre next week when Rob Ward’s Gypsy Queen is staged at the Hope Place theatre at the start of Pride weekend.

Wirral-born writer and performer Rob is bringing the two-hander to the Unity Theatre as part of a UK and Ireland tour which takes in Manchester, Edinburgh and London later this summer.

Gypsy Queen is the unconventional love story of a bare knuckle fighting traveller and a gay professional boxer.

It tells the story of ‘Gorgeous’ George O’Connell, a bareknuckle fighter from a traveller background, who finds more than he bargained for when he joins a professional boxing gym.

There he meets confident and openly gay boxer Dane ‘The Pain’ Sampson who takes a liking to George, who is about to learn some truths about who he is and what he wants.

From the changing rooms to the ring, Gyspy Queen is the story of two men who find themselves, and each other, in the most unlikely of worlds.

Rob, who appears in Gypsy Queen alongside actor Ryan Clayton, has explored the subject of being gay in sport before, with his previous award winning one-man show Away From Home, co-written with Martin Jameson, telling the story of the life of a rent boy in a relationship with a Premier League footballer.

Gypsy Queen is at the Unity Theatre on July 28-29 at 8pm. Tickets are £14/£12 HERE.

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