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YEP presents Our Town Needs a Nando's at Liverpool Everyman

YEP graduates are performing in the world premiere of a new play written by one of their own number at the Liverpool Everyman this month.

Our Town Needs a Nando’s, by Samantha O’Rourke, will be staged from June 23 to July 2 at the Hope Street venue.

School is a nightmare, boys are infuriating and Maccies is the only place open after 6pm. Growing up isn’t easy, but it’s even harder when you are from a place where no one expects anything of you - and especially if you’re queer or the new girl at school.

Beth, Rachel, Zahidah, Ellie and Chloe are stuck - stuck in their drama group, stuck in school and stuck in their small town which doesn’t even have a Nando’s.

Dealing with sexuality, female friendship, threats to young women, class, relationships and the hearts and minds of teenagers, Our Town Needs a Nando’s explores the hearts and minds of teenage girls trapped in their small seaside town.

The production is part of YEP’s (Young Everyman Playhouse) 10th anniversary celebrations and its cast includes three YEP actor graduates alongside a recent LIPA graduate and a Welsh RADA graduate.

Writer-director Samantha O’Rourke says: “When I wrote the play I was working in a high school and met so many brilliant, bold young women and I knew I wanted to write something which celebrated them.

“It’s such a tough time - particularly when you don’t see yourself in stories - and especially when you’re from a place where no one expects much from you. So it feels really amazing and kind of radical to have a play on the main stage centring those girls.

“You can expect lots of laughs, some big questions about how society treats young women and hopefully capturing the joy and chaos of being a teenager.”

Our Town Needs a Nando’s is at the Liverpool Everyman from June 23 to July 2. Tickets HERE


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