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Unity Theatre reveals its 12 Open Call Programme Artists

The Unity Theatre has announced the first 12 artists chosen through its Open Call Programme to support Liverpool’s creative community during the ongoing Covid pandemic.

The programme was launched in December when artists were invited to submit work to form part of the Hope Place theatre’s 2021 season.

Each of the 12 successful applicants will receive a bursary of up to £1,250 along with creative, production and welfare support.

Unity bosses were overwhelmed with applicants and as a result have also now launched a Crowdfunder in order to help at least 10 more artists.

The initial 12 artists receiving support through the programme are:

Amina Atiq, Sian Davies, Transcend Theatre, Sarah Bailey, Aleasha Chaunte of One September, Leianna Boodaghian, Gold Maria Akanbi, Rickety Fidgets, All Things Considered, Alice Bunker-Whitney, Out of Attic and Victoria Oxley.

And along with the Open Call Programme announcement, the theatre has also awarded Gold Maria Akanbi the theatre’s £3,000 Online Commission to create new piece of work on the web for vulnerable people who are still shielding.

Full details of work being created for the Open Call Programme, including additional artists supported thanks to funds raised through the Crowdfunder, will be announced in early April along with the Unity’s full 2021 season programme.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Crowdfunder can find more details HERE

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