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Teatro Pomodoro immerses audiences in a new Peep Show

Teatro Pomodoro returns to the Liverpool stage this week with a new show being performed on the North Docks.

Peep Show: Battle Royale is billed as a satirical and immersive production inspired by the peep shows of Amsterdam.

It is being staged at Make, 34 Regent Road, from February 10-13 and again from February 17-20, with performances at 5.45pm and 8pm each day.

Peep Show: Battle Royale utilises the Liverpool-based international theatre company's trademark blend of clowning, bouffon music and comedy in a darkly comedic theatrical experience where the audience will sit behind windows, looking in on a 'twisted new world'.

The show of the title takes the form of a fictional reality TV game show where the contestants' fates lie with the live audience whose votes can influence the outcome of the game. Audiences should be 16 and over.

Teatro Pomodoro joint artistic director, Duncan Cameron, explains: "It shows a world where the lines between news and entertainment are blurred, and a faceless elite hide behind a gruesome, voyeuristic game show as they manipulate all media, society, and politics.

“Regular people become gladiators to destroy each other on international television and win a chance at a better life. Think The Muppets meets Gladiator!"

Peep Show: Battle Royale is at Make, 34 Regent Road, from February 10-13 and 17-20. Tickets HERE


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