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Royal Court Liverpool stages murderously funny new show

A ‘quick-fire comedy’ about two women having the worst day of their lives comes to the Royal Court stage next week.

A Greasy Spoon, written by Alice Bunker-Whitney and at the Roe Street theatre from July 28 to August 26, stars Lindzi Germain and Hayley Sheen.

Devilishly Good Food is just your average, everyday caf. Regular staff and regular hours for Mandy and Shannon. They need to get the doors open for the customers but there is a bit of cleaning up to do first.

Well, a lot of cleaning up really. They’ve just murdered their boss, you see. Things can escalate quickly in the world of homemade cakes and teas.

A guy has arrived to sell his homemade badges and he just won’t leave. There’s a builder on the warpath and a customer on the footpath. The police are on their way, and someone needs to take the fall for this.

Their boss is toast and there’s no doubt who done it, but will someone save their bacon?

The cast also includes Jay Johnson, Adam McCoy, Ben Phillips and Anthony Gough, and the show is directed by LIPA alumnus Francesca Goodridge.

Royal Court executive producer Kevin Fearon says: “Having seen this show in rehearsals it looks like we’re going to deliver another laugh-a-minute comedy. The cast are working hard with Alice, the writer, and Francesca the director to make sure that it's done to perfection in time for opening night."

Alice Bunker-Whitney is a theatre maker, arts practitioner and director based in Liverpool who is a member of street theatre company EggPeople, and has worked with Walk The Plank, Liverpool Lantern Company, 20 Stories High, Altr Drama, Writing on the Wall and Hope Street Ltd among others.

Previous work as a theatre maker includes Tales From Under the Counter and Place & Chips.

A Greasy Spoon is her first play and was initially created as part of the Everyman Writers Programme in 2018, subsequently receiving a rehearsed reading through the Unity Theatre’s Open Call initiative.

A Greasy Spoon is at the Royal Court from July 28 to August 26. More HERE


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