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New live stream from Storyhouse for Strindberg's Miss Julie

A new production of Storyhouse’s acclaimed Miss Julie is set to be live streamed from the stage at the Chester arts venue in April.

The Strindberg play, adapted by British-Hong Kong playwright Amy Ng and presented in association with New Earth Theatre, was due to return to the Hunter Street theatre this month after a successful run at the start of 2020.

But with the latest lockdown meaning audiences aren’t able to watch in person, Storyhouse bosses have decided to stage the show anyway and broadcast it straight into people’s homes.

They hope it will then carry on with a planned tour later this year.

Storyhouse artistic director Alex Clifton says: “We’re delighted to announce that we’re continuing to create work even during lockdown.

“New Earth are a brilliant team to partner with, and we’re thrilled to restage this extraordinary show with them, which we first commissioned from Amy Ng two years ago.

“Its political currency has only grown; its urgency only intensified. This is a vital story, tackling complex social politics – relations between Britain, China and Hong Kong - in a simple, powerful human story.”

It’s Chinese New Year in 1940s Hong Kong and celebrations are in full swing.

Julie, the daughter of the island’s British Governor, crashes the servant’s party downstairs. What starts as a game descends into a fight for survival as sex, power, money and race collide on a hot night in the Pearl River Delta.

The production is directed by Dadiow Lin and all rehearsals and filming will be carried out under Covid safe guidelines.

Miss Julie will be live streamed from Storyhouse from April 9-17. For more details and tickets visit the website HERE

Photo by Mark McNulty


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