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Loneliness takes centre stage in new play at the Unity Theatre

A new verbatim play about loneliness will be staged at the Unity Theatre this month.

Flood Theatre brings Touch to the Hope Place venue on June 18.

The production, written by Becky Downing, looks at the ways we pursue love, create intimacy, experience loneliness and ultimately find a home.

Although its four characters are fictional, their words come from interviews with people under the age of 30 who live in Liverpool and who feel lonely but want to find a connection with others.

In Touch, Jana is a young German mother who loves her toddler and charity shops but finds motherhood lonely; Callum loves football, fitness and his girlfriend but sometimes feels lost in large groups of people; Jake is autistic. He loves history and theatre but experiences loneliness when he can’t be social and people don’t understand him, and mother Yume loves art and philosophy but experiences loneliness through people misunderstanding their queerness and identity.

Flood is also holding a number of workshops around the production, which is supported by the Unity’s Open Call programme, along with Homotopia, Paperwork Theatre’s Tea Cup Commissions, and a crowdfunder.

Touch is at the Unity Theatre on June 18. Tickets HERE

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