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Liver Bird play gets free online screening this Christmas

ArtsGroupie is streaming its play The Liver Bird online for free this Christmas.

The filmed version of the production, created in conjunction with The Bookworm Players and which played to live audiences across open air venues in the summer, will be available to view from December 23 until January 3.

Charlie J, a boy from Liverpool, is bright for his age – the kind of child who would rather escape into his imagination or read a book than play sport.

Grandma Bailey encourages his cleverness, teaching him all about the history of his city, and Charlie is particularly fascinated by the folklore surrounding the liver birds.

Then when things get difficult at school, and just when he needs it most, Charlie J is visited by a very special creature.

The Liver Bird is based on a book by John Maguire and adapted for the stage by Jessica May Buxton.

It entertained audiences at a host of parks across Merseyside during 2021 including Court Hey, Norris Green, Walton Hall, Springfield, and Devonfield Gardens as well as inside Liverpool Central Library as part of the city’s Year of Writing.

For more details and to watch The Liver Bird from December 23 to January 3 visit the website HERE


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