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Epstein Theatre date for Clement Attlee play

The post-war government of Labour PM Clement Attlee is explored in a new comedy drama coming to Liverpool this autumn.

Clement Attlee, written by author, journalist, playwright and contemporary historian Francis Beckett, is being staged at the Epstein Theatre on September 26-27.

And the dates coincide with the Labour Party Conference which is being held in the city.

Beckett’s play, which was originally staged in London under the title A Modest Little Man, opens in 1945. Britain is celebrating Victory in Europe, but while Winston Churchill is the hero of the hour, the statesman’s days are numbered.

And when the country goes to the polls that July, its Labour, led by Churchill’s wartime deputy Clement Attlee – which emerges victorious.

Beckett, who has also written a biography of the late Labour leader, says: “This is a history play for our times. It reminds us of a time when Britain was competently governed and when its leaders put substance before style.

“Staged in Liverpool during Labour Party Conference week, this play will give theatregoers a chance to rate Sir Keir Starmer alongside Labour’s greatest ever leader.

“People asked me how I could write a comedy about this boring little man. But beneath the commonplace exterior, he was a fascinating man, and a Prime Minister of rare skill and determination. I hope this play proves it.”

Clement Attlee is at the Epstein Theatre on September 26-27. Tickets HERE

Top; Roger Rose as Clement Attlee and Lynne O'Sullivan as Violet Attlee. Photo by Mark Thomas.


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