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20 Stories High brings theatre to Liverpool doorsteps

Liverpool’s 20 Stories High is bringing the stage to doorsteps in the south of the city this week.

The award-winning theatre company was already planning site-specific short Knocking On before the government made its announcement last week opening up outdoor performances.

The intimate production – described as “full of humour and hope” – features actress Brodie Arthur, who performed in the company's compelling She's Leaving Home in 2017.

And it's aimed at audiences in the L8 area, particularly families or individuals within the community who have been self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelsey is looking all over the area for her mum’s cat which has gone missing.

As she walks the streets, putting up posters on lampposts, she eventually turns to knocking on doors to chat to residents and asks for their help in solving the mystery of the animal’s disappearance.

Doorstep audiences should only be those who normally live at the address and should make sure they stay within the house and at least two metres from the actor.

Director and co-writer Keith Saha said: “These are such challenging times for people, and we want to celebrate the fact that we can now connect with theatre and live art.

“We want to give audiences an experience they will never forget, something that connects and reflects the times were living in, but one that also offers comfort and hope.

“We also want to raise the awareness that there are companies who have been making excellent theatre with and for their local communities for decades now, and whilst the bigger buildings are re-evaluating how they can make work outside in community spaces, we urge DCMS and Arts Council England not to forget about the companies and freelance artists who have been doing this for a long time.”

Knocking On runs from July 15-18, and from 10am to 4pm each day.

To book a doorstep performance email

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