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War of the Worlds brings martian threat back to Liverpool

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds is on its way back to Liverpool.

The spectacular musical stage show, which features alien spacecraft firing death rays and a giant hologram Liam Neeson as George Herbert the Journalist, will be staged at the M&S Bank Arena on April 21 2021.

Tickets cost £56.50 or £82.85 and are now on sale.

War of the Worlds, which is based on HG Wells’ classic dystopian tale, started life in 1978 as a concept album which has gone on to sell more than 15 million copies worldwide.

The accompanying live show is marking 15 years of touring and promises both the return of favourite sections and updated and new effects.

Returning favourites include the striking 3-tonne, 35ft tall Martian Fighting Machine firing real flame heat rays at the audience, the nine-piece Black Smoke Band and ULLAdubULLA symphonic string orchestra, and the leaf drop during the performance of musical number Forever Autumn.

Updated sections for 2021 include the extension of the giant arched bridge into the audience, three panoramic screens with two hours of cutting-edge CGI and the incineration of a cast member in full view of the audience!

And new for this anniversary tour are a ground-breaking levitation effect and H G Wells appearing in sight and sound.

Jeff Wayne says: "For over four decades now I’ve lived out a dream of bringing the true story of HG Wells dark Victorian tale to listeners and audiences from around the world, while pushing technology to the limit both sonically and visually as time has moved on.”

Casting is yet to be announced.

War of the Worlds comes to the M&S Bank Arena on April 14 2021. Tickets HERE

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