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YEP Directors' Festival takes centre stage at Everyman

The YEP Directors' Festival is being staged at the Liverpool Everyman.

Theatregoers will have the chance to see six plays over a fortnight from June 3 to June 15, directed by half-a-dozen up and coming new directors.

All the shows – which take place in the Ev1 space at the Hope Street theatre - are free, but advance booking is recommended.

YEP (Young Everyman Playhouse) was launched in 2012, and is open to young actors, directors, producers, writers, technicians and marketers aged 14 to 25.

Here is what you can see during the directors' festival:

Mr Incredible – June 3-4

The festival opens with writer Camilla Whitehill’s darkly comic play about Adam, newly-single after four years, and looking back on the relationship he’s lost.

This one-man show explores modern love and old-fashioned entitlement through physical theatre and soundscapes.

Out of Love – June 5-6

Lorna and Grace, two young and free-spirited friends are incredibly close. They do everything together. Every crush, every tear, every pack of cigarettes - they have each other through all of it. But life catches up with them, and they’re forced apart by time and the changing world around them.

A tale of friendship, love and coming of age from award-winning writer Elinor Cook.

Crave – June 7-8

Meet love at its most painful.

Writer Sarah Kane’s play follows four anonymous characters who share common stories of their attempts to make basic human connection, in an intense, personal and powerful exploration of love, and how it can be used to damage people.

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk – June 10-11

In a whirlwind of colour and motion, painter Marc Chagall relives his extraordinary life. Fleeing violence, chasing inspiration and rallying change... all while breathlessly in love.

Abstract and intense, Daniel Jamieson’s award-winning play follows the life of Marc and his muse Bella, as their vibrant, but not always so bright, love story unfolds across the bleak canvas of the Russian Revolution bringing history to life in the style of Chagall's artwork, giving you an intimate view into the painter's chaotic world.

Dark Vanilla Jungle – June 12-13

Stuck in a cycle of abuse, 15-year-old Andrea’s twisted psyche has been shaped by people taking advantage of her. The traumatic experiences she endures are endless, but the traumas she inflicts are perhaps just as heinous.

Andrea has her own version of what happened, and she wants to tell you all about it. Through physical theatre, song, and Philip Ridley’s unique character voice, Dark Vanilla Jungle is a story of internalised misogyny in a deeply patriarchal society.

Boys – June 14-15

Four boys are sitting in their flat at the end of their time at university. It’s an unusually hot summer and they’re about to make the leap from student to adult life, but is there any point in getting older when you’re about to step into a world that doesn’t want you?

Ella Hickson’s play explores the complexity of male mental health and the stagnancy promised to those who refuse to grow up.

For more details on the festival and to book seats, visit the website HERE

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