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Lost Soul 2 premieres at Liverpool Royal Court

Smigger is back – and the bemused former disco king is having a midlife crisis.

Audiences first met playwright Dave Kirby’s creation, brought to life on stage by Andrew Schofield (above, with Lindzi Germain), in Lost Soul back in 2007.

That original tragi-comedy focused on the lives of Smigger, Pat, Donna and Terry as they dealt with modern life passing them by while they yearned for the good old days of Motown and magic on the dancefloor.

Now the characters are set to return in a new sequel, Lost Soul 2 Smigger’s Wrecked Head which takes up the story a few months after Lost Soul finishes.

All Smigger wants to do is roll back the years and dance to 70s soul music with Donna, Terry and Pat. But since the grandkid came along, Donna hasn’t been interested in their usual Sunday nights in town (or much else). Their daughter hasn’t helped, lumbering them with the baby most weekends while she's out with the dad. Well, maybe the dad (it’s a one in four chance). Smigger's had enough, his head’s wrecked and he’s not having it any more. Andrew Schofield, Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham, Catherine Rice and Lenny Wood – who all appeared in Lost Soul’s last outing in 2017 - are joined on stage by new cast members Gemma Brodrick (last seen on the Royal Court stage in Yellow Breck Road), and Schofield’s real-life son Bobby (The Miracle of Great Homer Street), while Bob Eaton directs.

Lost Soul 2 Smigger’s Wrecked Head is at Liverpool’s Royal Court from June 7 to July 6. Tickets from the website HERE

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