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Liverpool Chinese restaurant sets the stage for poignant play of love and loss

Dinner theatre with a difference is set to take place in Liverpool this spring.

Mary Cooper and MW Sun’s From Shore to Shore/ Piao Yang Guo Hai will be performed at the Angel restaurant in Hanover Street over two nights in March as part of a UK tour of Chinese restaurants.

Liverpool actor Ozzie Yue is among the cast

The play spans a century of Chinese history, weaving together three moving stories drawn from different generations of British Chinese communities and offering a chance to connect with, understand, and reflect upon the Chinese experience in the UK.

Cheung Wing is escaping from war, Mei Lan’s had enough of the potato peeler, and Yi Di wants the impossible; her parents’ approval.

From Shore to Shore/ Piao Yang Guo Hai is being staged in Chinese restaurants – accompanied by a two-course Chinese meal for audiences - and features live music and three languages. Food and its relationship to love and survival are important themes in the play and the restaurant setting enhances these connections.

Director David K S Tse, said: “Directing From Shore to Shore is both an exciting challenge and a risky venture. The ambition and scale of the storytelling, spanning 76 years, three languages and touring to non-theatre spaces across the UK, requires a versatile, hard-working cast, creative and production team.

“The sold-out show was well received two years ago, moving and entertaining new audiences, both Chinese and Western. As we prepare for a spring 2019 tour with a new cast and team, we anticipate exciting times ahead.”

See From Shore to Shore at the Angel restaurant in Hanover Street on March 19-20. More details and tickets HERE

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