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Les Dennis in a new comedy at Liverpool Royal Court

Les Dennis is set to return to the stage at the Royal Court next month in a new comedy.

The Miracle of Great Homer Street, previously titled A Prayer to St Cajetan, was the runner-up in the Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize in 2017.

Now writer Gerry Linford’s play is being premiered at the theatre in a co-production between the Royal Court and the Liverpool-born stage and screen star, who was one of the playwriting prize judges.

Dennis, who starred in Down the Dock Road in 2016, will appear alongside Royal Court favourite Drew Schofield in the new show.

It’s Liverpool, 1978. The World Cup is on and Father Aherne, who likes a bet, is on a winning streak. It’s as if he’s getting help from above.

His luck doesn’t stretch to accommodation as he finds himself without a roof over his head. But his prayers are quickly answered when Marion, one of his parishioners, is delighted to offer him her spare room. Terry, her non-believing husband, is not so keen.

Over the summer, the two men bond when the beautiful game seems to be going in their favour, but will they triumph when the final whistle blows?

Royal Court executive producer Kevin Fearon says: “When I first read this during the competition it felt like a Royal Court play. Les Dennis was keen to be in the show and play a part in producing as well and, after his great work with Down the Dock Road, we were delighted to team up with him again.

“Gerry Linford has produced a cracking script and we're confident the audience will love this one.”

The Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize, a joint initiative between Hope University and Royal Court Liverpool, is a competition to find a new comedy, and has a £10,000 top prize.

The inaugural prize was won by comedian Katie Mulgrew with Omnibus, while in 2017 the overall winner was actor and writer Simon Bradbury with his farce The Last Act of Love of JB Moliere.

The Miracle of Great Homer Street is at the Royal Court from June 1-30. Tickets on the website HERE

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