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YNWA returns to Liverpool's Royal Court

Reds fans rejoice! YNWA is returning to the Royal Court.

The show, full title YNWA – The Story of Liverpool Football Club, has been updated for 2017 to include what the theatre calls “some great new Jürgen Klopp bits”.

Nicky Allt’s play takes its audience on a voyage through 125 years of footballing history, bringing the story of the club to life through the songs of the terraces.

From the Founding Fathers to two World Wars, through to the dark days of the second division and the glory round the fields of Anfield Road, come and witness the triumphs, the tragedies, the heroes and legends.

Add in that legendary night in Istanbul, and you can see why YNWA is such a hit with Liverpool fans.

The 2017 cast includes Mark Moraghan, Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham and Lenny Wood.

YNWA – The Story of Liverpool Football Club is at the Royal Court from September 28 to October 28. Tickets on the website HERE.

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