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The Tin Drum opens new Everyman season with a bang

Kneehigh’s glorious Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) has proved one of the highlights of the Everyman’s programme over the past few seasons.

And now the Cornwall-based theatre company is back in Hope Street with another extraordinary story which it is bringing to the stage with its trademark physical, musical and satirical panache.

This new version of novelist Gunter Grass’s post-war masterpiece The Tin Drum reunites Kneehigh’s Dead Dog team - Carl Grose (writer), Mike Shepherd (director) and Charles Hazlewood (composer) - in a co-production with the Everyman and Playhouse and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

And the story of love, war and fizz powder is being billed as “part Baroque opera, part psychedelic white-out, part epic poem”.

On Oskar’s third birthday, he rails against the adult world and decides to remain a child forever. Something we can all empathise with.

Armed with a heart full of rage, a singing voice that shatters glass, and what seems to be an indestructible tin drum, he sets out to reveal the world for what it truly is.

Kneehigh's Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)

Like Dead Dog, the production will feature puppetry as a storytelling device.

And there is choreography by Etta Murfitt, an associate director at Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures.

Mike Shepherd says: “Our iconic anti-hero, Oskar, will lead us through a world as delicate as moth’s wings and as incandescent as a blazing saw mill.

“A grand musical satire, it promises to be furious, funny and fiercely full of hope - a story very much for now.”

The Tin Drum premieres at the Everyman on September 28 and runs until October 14. Tickets from the website HERE

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