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Pitch black comedy at Liverpool's Royal Court

The Lonesome West (Credit L1 Photography)

Fans of Martin McDonough's In Bruges will know just how deliciously dark his comedy is.

And now there is a chance to experience it in the flesh, with the return of his tale The Lonesome West to the Liverpool stage for the first time in over a decade.

The play - the final part of McDonough's Connemara trilogy, received its UK premiere at London's Royal Court in 1997, and was later staged and 20 years on it's coming to the theatre's Liverpool namesake in what some might see as a slight departure from the Roe Street venue's normal fare.

But producer Kevin Fearon reckons it will be right up Royal Court audiences' street - and he hopes it will also encourage fresh faces through the theatre's Art Deco doors.

He explains: "I first saw Druid Theatre Company do the play in 1997, when they did the trilogy in a day. And it was such a powerful day of theatre, I loved it.

"It is a bit different to what we do, but we also did Golden Oldies which wasn't a Scouse comedy, and Misery, which did really well.

"I think The Lonesome West is a great night out. It entertains if a different way, and I think our audience will get the comedy."

(Credit L1 Photography)

The play in sest in Galway, where two brothers - Valene and Coleman - are trapped together in their family home after their father’s unfortunate death in a shotgun 'accident'.

The pair pass the days drinking poteen and arguing over crisps and figurines, while it's down to Father Welsh to try to bring some light to their lives. But sadly, he’s not so good at that sort of thing.

The four-strong cast includes Paul Duckworth and Kieran Cunningham, who are both known to Royal Court audiences, as the bickering brothers, alongside Alan Devally and Anne O'Riordan, and the play is directed by writer/director Robert Farquhar.

Kevin says: "Bob knows The Lonesome West so well, and you can see that. He's more of a conductor than a director."

The Lonesome West is at Liverpool's Royal Court from April 21 to May 20. More details and tickets HERE.

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