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Windmill sailing in to William Brown Street for summer 2022

A 21ft working windmill is set to pop up on William Brown Street this weekend to launch summer in the city.

The structure, echoing old decorative pottery and which can generate its own power, has been designed by Simon Armstrong of Liverpool-based Design Laser Play and visual artist Laura Pullig, and was built at Royal Court workshops.

It gives a historic nod to the street which was formerly known as Shaw's Brown and in the 18th Century, was the heart of the port’s pottery industry as well as being the site of a windmill which at that time stood apart from the town.

Culture Liverpool commissioned St George’s Quarter CIC to create the project – titled Winds of Change and which will include workshops, events and activities to celebrate the windmill’s arrival.

It will be in place on Saturday which is also the day Liverpool Makefest is being held at Central Library.

The wider Winds of Change programme will include walking tours with ArtsGroupie CIC exploring the heritage of the area and windmill-making workshops with Simon Armstrong.

St George’s Quarter chairwoman Gillian Miller said: “This exciting Culture Liverpool initiative is a great project for the 15 business and attractions that make up the St George’s Quarter CIC.

“The giant windmill will create yet another good reason for people to visit this historic part of Liverpool city centre already famous for its theatres, museums, library, magnificent St George’s Hall and St John’s Gardens.

“The area is transforming with major pedestrianisation to enable more events and activities like Winds of Change to take place in and around some of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings.”

Winds of Change is supported by Arts Council England and runs from July 2 to August 29.

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