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Victoria Gallery & Museum reopens to the Liverpool public

The Victoria Gallery & Museum has been reopened to the general public.

The University of Liverpool venue on Brownlow Hill had been open for members of staff and students since the latest lifting of Coronavirus restrictions on May 17.

Now it has made its collections available to other visitors.

People will need to pre-book a free timed visitor slot on the VG&M website.

They will be able to see three new exhibitions of artworks drawn from the gallery’s own extensive collection, many of which have not been put on show before.

Nature v Humans, which runs until September 25, has been inspired by the global focus on environmental issues and features works which illustrate the ever-present tensions between the natural world and the human race.

They include the gallery’s most famous painting – Turner’s The Eruption of the Soufriere Mountains in the Island of St Vincent, 30 April 1812 (pictured above), along with pieces by Adrian Henri, Peter Lanyon, Cornelia Parker, Sir Frank Bowling and an original sculpted response to the pandemic by ceramicist Helen Birnbaum.

A New Beauty: Romanticism in Art 1880-1920 explores the evolving ways in which physical attractiveness was depicted from the late 1800s, and features works by late Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Glasgow School luminaries Frances MacDonald MacNair and her husband J Herbert MacNair, James Hamilton Hay, C J Allen and a hand-carved feature fireplace designed by early female students at the University of Liverpool.

Finally, the first-floor balcony wall hosts The Art of Ruin – a display of Italian landscapes.

Victoria Gallery & Museum reopens on June 15 and will be open from 10am-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Book tickets HERE


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