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Unity's Up Next Festival new dates and details

The Up Next Festival is due to take place at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre in April – after being postponed from last autumn.

The annual event, organised by the Hope Place venue to celebrate Merseyside artists, was due to be staged in October but was pulled from the schedule. No reason was given.

It is now taking place from April 24 to May 4.

The festival features newly commissioned shows and events from 10 of the region’s most exciting artists and companies, chosen through the Unity’s Open Call scheme.

Premieres from playwrights include the award-winning Jess Green’s At the End of the Day She’s Still Your Mother, Borrowed by Sasha Georgette, Smashed by Helen Jeffery, and Sass: A Chained Melody from Olayemi Z Ade.

Meanwhile Skywriters Ltd presents Revival, a showcase of writing by Black and minoritised women, and Sonic Mutiny showcases its Earth is Lost sound installation.

There is also the inaugural Up Next Comedy Night which closes the festival on May 4.

Up Next Festival takes place at the Unity Theatre from April 24 to May 4. Full programme and tickets HERE


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