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Top Liverpool comedy shows in 2021

There hasn’t been much to laugh about over the last 12 months but going in to 2021 we are all hoping that is about to change.

And in addition to the city’s regular comedy clubs, there are some major Liverpool venues which have already got plenty of comedy on their programmes for the New Year.

Some are well-known faces from the television, while others are at the top of the live comedy circuit.

Many of the 2021 shows have already been postponed and moved to new dates at least once because of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

So comedy fans are going to be keeping their fingers and toes crossed that the tickets they have faithfully held on to for many months will finally give them access to some live laughter.

Here’s a selection of who you can see where (hopefully) as we move into 2021.

M&S Bank Arena

Jimmy Carr – Terribly Funny

July 16-17

Carr’s new show contains jokes about all kinds of terrible things. Terrible things that might have affected you or people you know and love. But they’re just jokes – they’re not the terrible things...

Having political correctness at a comedy show is like having health and safety at a rodeo. Now you’ve been warned, buy a ticket.

Not suitable for under 16s.


Paul Smith – Changed

July 17

A lot has changed for Liverpool comedian Paul Smith since the former graphic designer took a comedy course at Rawhide 15 years ago.

Join the Hot Water Comedy Club resident compère and regular YouTube sensation for his third and largest ever tour of the UK and Ireland as he once again mixes sharp, hilarious stories from his life with his trademark off-the-cuff wit.


Clinton Baptiste Goes Stratospheric

October 3

Clinton Baptiste is the hapless, unsubtle psychic from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

Following the success of his last UK tour, clairvoyant medium and psychic Baptiste has gone exploring Stateside. Not quite Caesar’s Palace but a series of shows in Vegas have lifted his celebrity status up a notch.

Let him take you on a journey from his humble roots via the dazzling heights of Sin City….and on to an amazing finale that will heal the world.


Liverpool Empire

Romesh Ranganathan – The Cynic’s Mixtape

February 2-3

Ranganathan has brought his deadpan sense of humour and trademark cynicism to numerous television programmes over the past few years.

Now, though, it’s time for the ‘Asian Provocateur’ to return to his stand-up roots for a while – there’s things he needs to point out, discuss and have a good moan about. Care to join him?


Frank Skinner: Showbiz

July 25

Following a sold out five-week run at the West End’s Garrick Theatre, comedy favourite, Three Lions vocalist and Room 101 host Frank Skinner is adding extra dates to his latest UK tour and bringing his critically acclaimed stand-up show Showbiz to the Liverpool Empire for one night only.


Alan Carr – Not Again, Alan!

October 27-28

Chatty man Alan Carr returns to the stage with a new live show, spending two nights at the Empire this autumn.

Four years in the making, Not Again, Alan! brings everyone up to date with what’s been going on in Carr’s world.

From the exhilarating high of his star-studded wedding day to the low of lockdown stuck on a farm, the irrepressible 44-year-old tells it like it is in his own inimitable style.


Ross Noble – Humournoid

November 7

What happens when pure comedy takes human form? What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up?

Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing. What is a thing is comedian and actor Ross Noble doing a show. You can come and see it. This is it.


Katherine Ryan – Missus

November 13

Creator and star of Netflix hit The Duchess and Canada’s most famous Katherine makes a return to the stage with her new live show, including a date at the Liverpool Empire.

Having previously denounced partnership, Ryan has since married her first love, accidentally. A lot has changed for everyone and we can look forward to hearing her new perspectives on life, love, and what it means to be Missus.


Philharmonic Hall

Julian Clary – Born to Mince

April 24

In this outrageously camp show, Julian Clary will bare his soul as never before in the interests of light entertainment.

He’ll murder some well-known songs along the way, read you a sneak preview from his next memoir A Night at The Lubricant, and make withering remarks about punters foolish enough to sit in the front row.

You know the kind of thing. It’s the only life he knows. This might well be the final mince…


Jimmy Carr – Terribly Funny

May 17

It’s a busy 2021 in Liverpool for the acerbic comedian and host of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Ahead of his arena gig, Carr fans can catch the 48-year-old doing his thing in the Art Deco surroundings of the Philharmonic Hall. As usual, hecklers beware.


Sandi Toksvig Live!

June 6

Sandi Toksvig returns to the Liverpool Philharmonic with her smash-hit one-woman National Trevor show.

Sandi realises some people harbour an ambition to be a National Treasure but following a misunderstanding with a friend has decided instead to become a National Trevor – half misprint, half Danish comedian, novelist, actor and broadcaster.

Expect tall stories, fascinatingly funny facts, silly jokes, a quickfire Q&A and a quiz. Don’t expect tap-dancing, leotards or a forward roll.


Stewart Lee – Snowflake/Tornado

June 18

Stewart Lee presents a double-bill of two new 60-minute sets back-to-back in one evening.

Snowflake questions Lee’s worth in a society demolishing the liberal values he has been keen to espouse in a fairy-tale landscape of winter wonder.

Meanwhile Tornado questions his position in the comedy marketplace after Netflix mistakenly lists his show as ‘reports of sharks falling from the skies are on the rise again. Nobody on the Eastern Seaboard is safe’.


Fascinating Aida

June 20

Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and Liza Pulman are back, with a selection of old favourites, songs you haven’t heard before and some you wish you’d never heard in the first place.

With three Olivier Award nominations and more than 25 million YouTube and Facebook hits for Cheap Flights and their incredibly rude Christmas song, the songs are hilarious and topical - the glamour is unstoppable.


Jonathan Pie – Fake News (Corona Remix)

October 11

Jonathan Pie’s critically acclaimed sell-out show Fake News finally returns, updated and remixed for a post-Corona world.

After months stuck in lockdown, Pie returns to the road to discuss how Corona has changed the world… and his career prospects.

Jonathan Pie is the exasperated news reporter whose videos have been seen across the world. With more than 1.5 million Facebook followers, his online videos regularly achieve millions of views going viral internationally.


Jon Richardson – The Knitwit

November 5

Will the recycling be put out on the right day? Who is going to smooth over the top of the margarine? How many lights are on upstairs when everybody is downstairs?

Watch Richardson pretend that these aren't his foremost concerns as he leaves home on his first tour since the last one.