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Ticket to Write returns with a Fab Four new plays

Liverpool’s Ticket to Write festival returns to the Hope Street Theatre this autumn with four new plays being staged over two days.

The festival, run by Make it Write Productions, takes place on October 8-9.

Playwrights from the UK and across the world are invited to submit scripts inspired by The Beatles, with a shortlist chosen to receive full performances in front of a live audience.

This year’s successful plays come from Liverpool – and California.

The Ringo Kid, by Paul Daley, was inspired by a real-life meeting between Paul and Ringo Starr, even if the playwright doesn’t remember it because he was a baby.

Daley’s mum Pat lived in the Dingle and was friends with the young Richard Starkey in his pre-Fab Four days.

The 61-year-old writer says: “Mum told us the story of how, just after I was born, she was taking me for a check-up at the local health centre and she bumped into her friend ‘Richie’ who carried me into the surgery while she manoeuvred the pram up the entrance steps.”

Above: Paul Daley. Top: The Hope Street Theatre

Imagine by Ste Mc, also from Liverpool, is a fictitious story of the final hours of John Lennon’s life where he meets a man for whom he's been waiting for 14 years.

Irene Stuart, a third Liverpool writer, has taken the theme of the Lennon/ McCartney song Our Baby’s Gone to spotlight the dangers of living on the street and uses several lines from the song to tell her moving tale.

And the fourth play is from Tracy Neis who lives in Orange County, California.

Something Inside That Was Always Denied suggests what might have happened if John Lennon had not travelled to Spain with Brian Epstein in 1963 and shows them four years later in dull jobs still waiting for the big break.

Two plays will be staged each night.

Ticket to Write is at the Hope Street Theatre on October 8-9. Tickets HERE


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