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Sean Lennon opens Yoko Ono Lennon Centre at Liverpool University

Sean Lennon has officially opened a new multi-million pound performance venue at the University of Liverpool which has been named after his mother.

The musician flew over from the United States to take part in the naming of the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre which also includes a new concert hall, the Tung Auditorium.

And the 46-year-old attended a special gala concert in her honour which included the world premiere of One World, a new arrangement of his father John Lennon’s Imagine by Shirley J Thompson.

The event also featured a second world premiere, Benjamin Hackworth’s Acoustic Sweep, and performances by the Solem Quartet, Xiaoxiao Hou, Liam Carey, the University Chamber Choir and Ensemble 10/10.

In a message from New York, Yoko said: “I’m thrilled to be recognised with the naming of the new performance centre at the University of Liverpool. Thank you to the university and to the people of Liverpool for this wonderful honour.

Above: A seat dedicated to Yoko Ono. Top: Sean Lennon (left) outside the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre. Photos by Martin Birchall.

“Liverpool has become part of me from years of going there, and with this new centre part of me will always be there – for that I’m very thankful. I think John is smiling about it too. I’m also very thankful that our son, Sean is there in Liverpool for the celebrations around the opening.”

And Sean Lennon added: “They used to say behind every great man was a great woman. But my parents famously stood beside each other as equals.

“It's a beautiful statement that the University of Liverpool would recognize my mother in this way.

“In a city synonymous with my father’s achievements it is especially meaningful to acknowledge Yoko Ono for the remarkable human being that she is.

“I’m just really chuffed to be here.”

An open day for the Tung Auditorium is set to be held this Sunday.

For details on the open day and the spring concert programme, visit the website HERE


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