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Liverpool Writes 2021 to celebrate the power of the written word

Liverpool is designating 2021 as Year of Writing and is urging people of all ages to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboards – to get creative throughout the next 12 months.

#LiverpoolWrites is being staged in association with Writing on the Wall and the first initiative, Write Here Write Now, is underway.

As part of it, adults and children will be encouraged invited to get involved in a 10-minute writing burst each day.

Video prompts will be given by authors and poets including Frank Cottrell Boyce, Levi Tafari, Jeff Young, Winnie M Li, and Patrice Lawrence and will be posted on the #LiverpoolWrites website and social media channels, with children’s prompts going live daily at 9.30am and those for adults live from 6.30pm.

The prompts will remain on the website as a resource throughout the year.

Write Here Write Now will then host a similar series of activities for Early Years children during National Storytelling Week which starts on February 1.

The 12 months of events will also include pop-up writin centres in communities and libraries, writing advice desks, Liverpool Writers in Residence, heritage trails, a Writer's Marketplace, Writer's Boot Camp and competitions including playwriting, novel writing, flash fiction and short stories.

Mike Morris, co-director of Writing on the Wall and Liverpool Year of Writing chairman, said: "From last March onwards Writing on the Wall had to move all its events online, so we're confident that the pandemic won't stop Liverpool's Year of Writing from being a success.

"In fact, moving online increased accessibility for many groups so we're sure that #LiverpoolWrites will not only be inspirational and fun but it will be inclusive and diverse, reaching all of Liverpool's communities.

"Writing is not only a life skill, it is - now more than ever - a way for people to make sense of their lives and what is going on in the wider world.

“Liverpool is full of people with stories to tell and feelings to share. #LiverpoolWrites is the year that we want people to get involved and find their voices.”

More details on Liverpool Writes HERE


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