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Liverpool Cathedral Peace Doves finally take flight

More than 15,000 paper peace doves will finally flock to Liverpool Cathedral this month – a year after the giant art installation was due to open.

Artist Peter Walker was set to create the stunning suspended scene to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day in May 2020.

But with the cathedral’s doors being closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the immersive artwork – created from paper birds inscribed with words of peace by Liverpool people and with a soundscape by composer David Harper – was postponed.

Now Peace Doves is going ahead, and is expected to attract thousands of visitors when it opens on May 21.

The Dean of Liverpool, the Very Rev Dr Sue Jones, said: “This artwork builds on previous installations and enables us to continue our mission to be a place of encounter.

“We look forward to welcoming people to the cathedral and we hope that you will encounter peace and the space to reflect on the past year.

“We feel enormously grateful to be able to host this amazing installation.”

Peace Doves. Top: In the Image and Likeness by Peter Walker

Peter Walker added: “What I’ve always found when I’ve been into Liverpool and been up to the cathedral is, it really is a community place.

“I think having a work where the community has written on these doves and thousands of children have participated in this project is a really important thing to be doing at this time.”

Along with Peace Doves, visitors will also be able to experience Luxmuralis’ Angel Wings light installation which was unveiled before Christmas last year.

Peace Doves runs from May 21 to August 31 but due to Covid restrictions, visits should be booked in advance HERE


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