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Liverpool Cathedral embraces Space, the Universe and Everything

The interior of Liverpool Cathedral has been taken over by the stunning son et lumière Space, the Universe and Everything.

The installation by multi-media arts collective Luxmuralis is running nightly until February 27 and promises to take visitors on a journey through the vastness of time and space.

Entrance is by timed ticket but once you are in the cathedral you can stay and enjoy the installation for as long as you want.

Visitors will get an immersive and atmospheric light and sound experience created by artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper. Space, the Universe and Everything follows last year’s Angel Wings installation, and Peace Doves which was also a collaboration between the two.

The work includes elements of creation and the story of mankind as well as the wider wonders of the cosmos and also man’s journey into space.

Peter Walker said: “Space, the Universe and Everything really fits within that vast space of Liverpool Cathedral. We’re taking people on a journey to the edge of the universe and back, and through light and shade and sound and quiet.

“There’s lots of different sort of emotional movements through the building as well. I think the vastness of the cathedral in Liverpool offers another additional element to the spectacle.”

And Paul Smith, director of enterprise at Liverpool Cathedral, added: “This is our most ambitious installation yet and we hope visitors will enjoy being immersed in the greatness and the mystery that surrounds our vast universe as the building is transformed by such an incredibly moving piece of art.”

Space, the Universe and Everything is at Liverpool Cathedral until February 27 and runs from 6-8 each evening. Timed tickets HERE

Top: Lead image by Gareth Jones


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