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Identity at heart of new Liverpool Cathedral installation

Artist Peter Walker has unveiled his latest large-scale installation in Liverpool Cathedral.

Identity – We Are All Together is on show in the Well of the cathedral until September 3.

It features more than 3,000 individual portraits which wind up seven illuminated columns, with individual strips of light representing the double helix of DNA and demonstrating the unique make up of each person – with the columns together representing humanity’s distinct differences gathered together.

The artwork follows Peace Doves and Being Human which both attracted thousands of visitors to the cathedral, and focuses on individual identities of humans, presented as a collective community, with the number of columns referencing the seven pillars of wisdom and seven ages of man.

The photographic portraits were all taken during Walker’s 2022 installation Being Human.

Above: Identity - We Are All Together at Liverpool Cathedral. Top: Peter Walker with his installation. Photos by Gavin Trafford.

Walker said: “’Identity reflects on the fact that in a world of constant change and flux, and where people quickly react to the differences between us, if we look at what unites us and unites every individual on earth, we will see that we are all inextricably linked.

“In a world where we’re so unique, where the existential self is shaped and ever changing, and where individuality is complex, it’s the central unifying identity of humanity which joins us together.”

The Very Rev Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool, added: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Peter Walker back to Liverpool Cathedral, displaying this latest installation here in a space that has become familiar to him.

“Identity highlights the importance of both individuality and community. In a world of division and difference, we’re pleased to host an installation that highlights the bonds and links that we all, as individuals, have in common.

“As a cathedral built and shared by the city's people, we understand the value of our community and look forward to welcoming visitors to view Identity here in the Well.”

Identity – We Are All Together is at Liverpool Cathedral until September 3.


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