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Goldilocks and the Fab 4 bring panto fun to Bootle

Goldilocks is coming to Bootle next week – and she’s bringing the ‘Fab 4’ with her.

Wise Tortoise Entertainment is staging the festive show at Lock & Quay in Irlam Road, with the production being performed with an eye on keeping everyone Covid safe.

The show takes place inside an open-air ‘theatre’ space which is covered and heated, and offers plenty of opportunity for audience members to socially distance.

Goldilocks and the Fab 4 is written by Kai Jolley and was premiered at this year’s Liverpool Theatre Festival at the Bombed-Out Church.

It’s billed as a fun-filled, energetic, family-friendly show with a brilliant mix of songs including, of course, some from those four Liverpool lads who shook the world.

Hang on to your broom sticks - Goldilocks is about to take flight! After the fright of her life, Goldilocks runs off into a magical forest to search for her parents.

Goldilocks and the Fab 4. Photo by David Munn.

Little does she know her biggest adventure awaits in a large castle found in the middle of the woods. She meets the Fab 4 who have something magical to tell her. Goldilocks has stumbled upon the great school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Together with the Fab 4 she must face her greatest fears and save her parents from the terribly Evil Queen of the Enchanted Forest.

Writer and producer Kai Jolley says: “We’re really excited to be able to share such a fun-filled journey with audiences at the fantastic Lock & Quay.

“These characters go on an adventure unlike any other and share words of wisdom, love and the importance of kindness in this new magical story.”

Goldilocks and the Fab 4 is at Lock & Quay in Bootle from December 22-24. Tickets HERE


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