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Enjoy The Very Best of Tommy Cooper at New Brighton

There is a chance to re-live The Very Best of Tommy Cooper at the Floral Pavilion next month.

Liverpool-born West End star Danny Taylor steps into the legendary late British comic’s shoes in this show which has the blessing of Cooper’s daughter Vicky.

Taylor, who has written and produces the show, brings it to New Brighton after performing at Glastonbury this week where it has been billed as one of the top 10 attractions at the 2023 festival.

The actor recaptures Cooper’s trademark mayhem and misfiring magic, celebrating the very best of Cooper's beloved one-liners, dazzling wordplay and celebrated tricks including Glass/Bottle, Dappy Duck, Spot the Dog and Jar/Spoon.

Taylor says: “Tommy was given that wonderful and rare gift to make people laugh, often by simply standing there. His most-loved routines draw on an innocent sense of humour that appeals to all ages and still stands the test of time.”

Cooper died in April 1984 after suffering a heart attack while performing live to 12 million TV viewers from the stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Taylor is raising money and awareness during his tour to help install defibrillators in every performing venue across the UK and will be collecting donations at the Floral Pavilion Theatre on the night.

The Very Best of Tommy Cooper is at the Floral Pavilion on July 13. Tickets HERE


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