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Dot-art presents The Art of Line at Liverpool gallery

Ink drawings, prints and graphic patterns form the heart of work being showcased in a new exhibition at Liverpool’s dot-art gallery.

The Art of Line, opening on February 9, features pieces by three dot-art members – Charlotte Weatherstone, Michael Goodwin and Stu Harrison.

Charlotte Weatherstone is an illustrator and graphic designer with a background in graffiti and murals. She studied graphic art at LJMU and works on canvas, paper, wood, found objects, computer and brick walls.

Mike Goodwin describes his work as a mixture of realism and stylised caricature, reflecting his own sense of humour. His earliest influences were great comic artists like Dudley D Watkins and Leo Baxendale, and he works principally in pen and ink although increasingly also in acrylics.

And Stu Harrison is an illustrator and cartoonist who attempts to celebrate the importance and influence of club music culture and visually represent volume, rhythm and ‘the glorious chaos’ found in nightclubs and on dancefloors.

A running theme in the practice of all three is using character creation to tell a story.

The Art of Line is at the dot-art gallery in Queen Avenue off Castle Street from February 9 to March 30, from 10am-6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Top: Dancehall by Stu Harrison.


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