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Dot-art invites audiences around The Kitchen Table

Still life takes centre stage in a new exhibition at Liverpool’s dot-art gallery.

The Kitchen Table, running until September 9, includes the work of Caroline Race, Katherine Dereli, Grahame Ashcroft and Laleh Kamalian and is described as featuring “quiet still lives of homely, domestic settings and the peaceful moments found in them.”

All artworks shown in the exhibition are for sale.

Caroline Race takes inspiration from the view from her kitchen window and everyday items which surround her at home, and is fascinated by the reflected light and use of colour in the works of artists like Cezanne, Morandi and Joseph Albers.

Ormskirk-based artist Katherine Dereli is an oil painting with classical training in sculpture. She paints small, with carefully observed colour, creating a varied surface of alternating high detail and broad ‘messy’ brushwork.

Meanwhile Grahame Ashcroft is a professional artist whose work can be found in public and private collections in the UK and abroad. His paintings combine observation, memory and imagination.

And Laleh Kamalian says: “Although I’m a portrait artist, flowers and nature are also one of the subjects I’m passionate about and enjoy creating art with.

“My media of choice are pencil and pastel, but some watercolour paintings are included in this collection.”

The dot-art gallery is at 14 Queen Avenue, off Castle Street and is open from 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

The Kitchen Table exhibition runs until September 9.

Top: Coffee by Katherine Derali


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