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Courtroom drama offers immersive experience at the Auditorium

Would be Liverpool legal eagles are being invited to immerse themselves in a courtroom drama in the city this spring.

Murder Trial Tonight, coming to the Auditorium at the M&S Bank Arena in March, sees its audience become the jury in a live murder trial based on true events – with the chance to return a verdict of guilty or not guilty at the end of the evening.

The audience will be escorted to their seats by a ‘court officer’ and then presented with evidence and testimonies read out in court, with some twists and turns promised along the way.

The case at the heart of the evening concerns a newly married couple whose anniversary dinner takes a tragic turn.

Murder Trial Tonight is presented by London-based Tigerslane Studios, which delivers immersive true crime courtroom thrillers, and comes to Liverpool as part of a 35-date UK tour, the company’s second.

Tigerslane’s Steve Cummings says: “It’s a truly unique experience and the feedback for our debut tour was immense. We’re delighted to be returning with a gripping new case based on true events and we’re intrigued to see what verdict the public will give.”

The show is suitable for people ages 14 and up.

Murder Trial Tonight is at the Auditorium at the M&S Bank Arena on March 23-24 with matinee and evening performances. Tickets HERE


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