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Blackbird brings raw emotions to Royal Court Studio

Guilt, rage and raw emotions are at the heart of a new production being staged at the Royal Court Studio.

Roots Theatre presents playwright David Harrower’s gripping Olivier Award-winning drama Blackbird from July 13-16.

Ray is confronted by his past when Una arrives, unannounced, at his office and emotions run high as they recollect their relationship from 15 years ago – when Una was 12 and Ray was 40.

Blackbird is being co-directed by the award-winning Nick Bagnall, who is also returning to the stage for the first time in more than 12 years to appear in the production, and by Sasha Georgette.

Bagnall, whose acting credits include Atonement, Silent Witness and Coronation Street as well as theatre work including the RSC, explains: “In 2009 I decided I had had enough of acting and was determined I’d pursue directing. I have never looked back and only occasionally have I missed acting.

“When Bex the artistic director of Roots Theatre offered me Blackbird to direct, I jumped at it. This play is such a sharp, intense, and brutal piece of storytelling and I was thrilled to be on board.

Nick Bagnall

“Then Covid hit us when we were in rehearsals. During that period where everything stopped, I started to yearn for being an actor again. Blackbird unlocked the part of me that I never knew was missing. I really wanted to see if I could do it again.

“So, after 13 years of telling people what to do, I’ve decided to tread those weary boards again and get someone else telling me what to do…I’m so very excited to bring the play to life.

“Blackbird is going to be a hard hitting incredibly human piece with a hugely difficult content. The play couldn’t be any more relevant and I’m thrilled to be in such safe hands with Roots Theatre.”

Blackbird is at the Royal Court Studio from July 13-16. Tickets HERE


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