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Professor Brian Cox broadens Horizons in 2021 Liverpool arena date

Professor Brian Cox is returning to Liverpool with a new live arena show in 2021.

The keyboard player-turned-superstar physicist will bring Horizons to the M&S Bank Arena on October 13.

He will be joined by his Infinite Monkey Cage co-star, comedian and writer Robin Ince who will host a Q&A with the audience.

Tickets costing £43.25/£53.80 are on sale now.

Horizons promises to take its audience on a dazzling cinematic journey using LED screen technology to fill the arena with images of alien worlds, far-away galaxies, black holes and a time before the Big Bang to tell the story of how we came to be and what we can become.

What is the nature of space and time? Why does the universe exist? How did life begin, how rare might it be and what is the significance of life in the cosmos? What does it mean to live a small, finite life in a vast, eternal universe?

Cox will explore the deepest of questions using the latest advances in our understanding of quantum theory, black holes, biology, planetary science, astronomy and cosmology.

The 52-year-old’s previous arena tour, Universal, was in 2019.

He said: “I loved the arena tour because it gave me the opportunity to discuss the most profound ideas with tens of thousands of people in front of the most spectacular images of the universe.

“When the tour was over, I immediately started thinking about how I could delve deeper, tell an even more profound story and make the show even more spectacular. I’m very excited about what has emerged.

“I hope the evening will make people think about how fortunate and precious we are, how strange and wonderful our universe is, and the limitless future we have to look forward to if we make the right choices over the coming decades.”

Professor Brian Cox brings Horizons to the M&S Bank Arena on October 13 2021. Tickets HERE

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