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AI: More Than Human opens World Museum Liverpool programme for 2021

Liverpool’s World Museum will launch 2021 with its AI: More Than Human exhibition – and tickets for the hotly-anticipated blockbuster go on sale next week.

The major show, which was due to open this summer until the Coronavirus pandemic struck, will instead now run from January 22.

Tickets go on general sale on Friday, October 9.

Head of World Museum Anne Fahy said: “World Museum explores millions of years of Earth’s history and the human activity that has shaped it.

“In this fascinating exhibition we see just how long and how important the epic story of AI has been on human development.”

Visitors to the William Brown Street museum will be immersed in a world of technology and interactivity where they can learn about the huge developments from the 1940s onwards to the present day.

AI: More Than Human brings together artists, scientists and researchers to offer a look at subjects from experiments in computing to healthcare and racial bias, with visitors learning how artificial intelligence is even more ingrained in our lives than we might have thought.

Above: World Museum

Top: PoemPortraits by Es Devlin. ©Tristan Fewings_Getty Images

The exhibition coves the origins of artificial intelligence and looks at ground-breaking work by key figures covering the last 150 years from the earliest analytical machines. The capability AI has to change society, and the ethical issues that accompany that, is also explored as is where AI fits in to the future of the human race.

Anne Fahy added: “AI: More Than Human is an unmissable taste of the breadth of creativity that is being generated and inspired by algorithms and machines.

“It demonstrates the opportunity for us to push our creative boundaries, and the potential of exciting collaborations between humans and machines. It allows visitors to consider their own relationship with AI, and what the future may look like.”

AI: More Than Human is at World Museum Liverpool from January 22 to June 20 2021. Tickets from October 9 HERE

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