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Liverpool Doddy Day to spread Happiness across the city

Liverpool is to stage its first annual Doddy Day - bringing a little happiness to the city in the middle of the current Covid crisis.

The event in memory of the late Sir Ken Dodd will take place on Saturday, November 7 and will include The Happiness Show at the Royal Court.

Doddy Day is a collaboration between the Liverpool Comedy Trust, Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation, Royal Court Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool, Radio Merseyside and Knotty Ash Productions.

Sir Ken, who died in 2018, was a great believer in the health benefits of laughter and that good comedy is medicinal.

He said of his own comedy: “Laughter is the greatest music in the world and audiences come to my shows to escape the cares of life.

“They don't want to be embarrassed or insulted, they want to laugh and so do I - which is probably why it works.”

Doddy Day will take place over what would have been his 93rd birthday weekend and will include a Jam Butty Cake Bake Off between David Assall, head chef at Liverpool’s Royal Court, and James Behan, head chef at National Museums Liverpool which apparently has some big Doddy plans for next year.

In the run up to the day there will also be an online joke competition open to all. People are invited to send a video of themselves telling their family-friendly joke to Alternatively, you can tweet them to @thecomedytrust or upload them at the Doddy Day website.

The competition will be judged by Ricky Tomlinson and the winner will have their joke told on stage at The Happiness Show.

Anne, Lady Dodd said: “Ken always used to say he was a double act – ‘me and the audience’ - and Doddy Day is about that sharing of laughter and happiness.

"Liverpool is a city full of people who like to exercise their chuckle muscles, a place of incredible spirit and that’s what Doddy Day is celebrating and spreading the fun.”

For more details on Doddy Day and to book for The Happiness Show, visit the website HERE

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