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Liverpool streets become stage for live shows

Performance comes to the streets of Liverpool this weekend as the city’s Without Walls initiative continues.

Last weekend saw a myriad of music-based entertainment spring up outdoors including Bev’s Busking Bonanza in Williamson Square and classical music in Castle Street.

Now today and tomorrow, September 5 and 6, it’s the turn of theatre and related performances to take centre stage.

Attractions include the Birdcage Stage (pictured above at Sgt Pepper at 50 celebrations), a 10ft gilded performance space which will host jazz music, comedy and a special socially distanced version of performance artist Katy-Anne Bellis’ Two Cats and a Canary.

The Bookworm Players are bringing an Alice in Wonderland show and trail to Liverpool ONE, while Liverpool’s Ugly Bucket physical theatre company is teaming up with The Egg People and a local costume designer on a walkabout street theatre act.

Liverpool City Council announced the £200,000 Without Walls commissions programme for freelancers and independent artists in July and has been inundated with applications for small grants – with the money coming from Arts Council England’s annual National Portfolio Organisation funding of Culture Liverpool.

Councillor Wendy Simon, Liverpool’s Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for culture, tourism and events, said: “This culture fund is all about us doing what we can to support those freelancers and arts organisations that may have fallen through the cracks when it comes to financial help during this global pandemic.

“The response has been overwhelming with so many brilliant ideas about how to use our streets as a stage, and the passion and drive to bring culture to the forefront once again is really encouraging.”

Without Walls commissions run until the end of October.

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